Solid Nyatoh Dining Table -Extendable

Solid Nyatoh Dining Table -Extendable - Lian Star
Solid Nyatoh Dining Table -Extendable - Lian Star

Solid Nyatoh Dining Table -Extendable

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777W wooden chair is our best-selling chair all year round. In order to achieve the most ideal design, we improved a total of more than 20 times to successfully manufacture this chair.

Raw material :

Malaysia Nyatoh solid wood – We choose Malaysia Nyatoh solid wood because it is one of the protected tree in the country. The Malaysian government has strictly enforced that all felled trees must be replanted at a ratio of one to three to preserve the environment and conserve the earth’s ecology. Malaysia’s Nyatoh wood has a spicy scent that can prevent the breeding of termites and it does not require any chemical treatment. In addition, the wood and fiber are relatively strong and durable. The main reason is that Malaysia are less likely to have natural disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, hence trees can thrive without being affected.


马来西亚Nyatoh实木-我们选择马来西亚Nyatoh实木是因为马来西亚的Nyatoh实木是有受到政府保护的品种之一。大马政府严厉实行但凡砍伐林木都必须以1 对3的比例翻种,以避免严重破坏环境和地球生态。马来西亚的Nyatoh木质不需要经过药水处理就可防范白蚁的滋生。这主要的原因是由于木质本身有一股辛辣味道能够有效的防止白蚁侵犯。除此之外,马来西亚Nyatoh木质与纤维比较坚固耐用。这其中最主的原因是因为马来西亚没有地震和火山爆发之类的严重天灾,所以树木在没有受到严重天灾的影响下能够茁壮的成长。

Paint :

We chose PU Finishing as the top coat of our wood products. It is environmental friendly and safe to use as it does not contain lead and toxins that are harmful to the human body. The PU surface treatment will form layer of smooth luster which brings out the texture and colour of wood. There is no special process required and this is a method of a natural film formation. Most of our products have 4-5 layers of PU paint and it can preserve a long lasting effect on the wood surface.


我们所采用的漆料是PU Finishing。我们选择了PU Finishing是因为PU (Polyurethane)比较环保安全,而且不含铅与毒素(对人体无害);其光泽均称,可以很好的显示木材的纹理和色泽,PU Finishing的成膜方式为自然成膜,无须特殊工艺,它能在一定的程度上保护好木的表层。而且我们大部分的产品都会有4-5层的漆。


  • Solid Nyatoh Wood


  • NM
  • Bride Oak


  • No extend: Diameter 1372 x H760 mm 
  • Extended: L1730 x W1372 x H760 mm


  • Extendable table to save space
  • Every piece of component is made from single wood slab. (No finger joint)

 Care Instructions:

  • Wipe with cleaners for fabric and wood products using clean soft cloth, keep dry and wipe away spills quickly to prevent water marks. Professional cleaning advised for stains.
  • Do not place hot objects on any furniture surface, always use a plate or coaster when placing a warm pot on furniture.
  • Avoid exposing your furniture to strong sunlight, heat outlet, open windows or dampness.


  • You may purchase in full set (1x table & 6x chairs) or separate pieces also available.
  • Does not include accessories.
  • Please allow 1-2cm difference in measurement as this is a handmade product.
  • Product may vary slightly from images due to the use of natural materials (e.g. wood, marble, ceramic, and leather grains), or due to photoshoot lighting conditions and screen settings.

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