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    We offer a range of high-quality security safe boxes to keep your valuable documents and possessions safe and secure. Our product line is divided into three categories:

    • Solid Safe: These boxes are perfect for storing documents and other important papers. They are designed with fire resistance, ensuring that your documents are protected for up to one hour in case of a fire emergency.

    • Euro Safe: These boxes offer a higher level of security, with a higher anti-theft rating compared to our Solid Safe boxes. They are ideal for protecting valuables such as jewelry and small electronics.

    • Banker Safe: These boxes are the ultimate in security. They are used and accepted by banks and financial institutions, and are perfect for storing large amounts of cash, documents, and other valuable items.

    In addition to our safe boxes, we also offer delivery service for your convenience. For more information on delivery, please contact our customer service or Johnny at 010-7727099.

    Thank you for considering Falcon Safe for your security needs. We hope you find the perfect security safe box to meet your needs.

    17 products
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